perl - no target_arch in paths?

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Mon Mar 16 11:58:02 CET 2009

Arkadiusz Miskiewicz <arekm at> [14-03-2009 13:02]:
> On Thursday 12 of March 2009, Radoslaw Zielinski wrote:
> > Pawel Golaszewski <blues at> [12-03-2009 15:18]:
>>> We don't have to do it right now but on next bigger perl update? Why not?
>> I'm cool with that.  The thing I want to avoid is another needless
>> clusterfuck, like the premature 5.10 update was.
> Radek, so what with that?

Currently, ENOTIME.

> I'll be doing every perl rebuild anyway (to be able to remove athlon)
> so it's good oportunity to make that change, too at the same time.

Whatever your plan is, please take RFC 1925 rule #1 into account.

To sum it up, there are three changes to be made:

1) removing arch and from install{{vendor,site}arch,archlib}, so
   /usr/local/lib/perl5/5.10.0/i686-pld-linux-thread-multi becomes

2) getting rid of *.pmc,

3) disabling ithreads.


#1: symlink / mv will make it work,

#2: harmless,

#3: requires a full rebuild of everything.

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