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Elan Ruusamäe glen at
Mon May 25 08:39:12 CEST 2009

On Monday 25 May 2009 02:41, WK wrote:
> Wiadomość od Elan Ruusamäe:
> > and where exactly did you report it at all so it would get fixed?
> >
> > or you expect out of nowhere the macro being fixed?
> Exactly nowhere.
> I expected that it is just known bug.
and known bugs don't have to be fixed?

> If it did not appers with other packages I supposed there is some
> additional cause of strange behaviour at that point.
> For example encodings conflict UTF vs. ISO or something like that.
toooooooooooo wild guess.

it doesn't happen often because how many specs you know use that macro TWICE?

> Do not irritate please.
> I wrote about it only on irc channel.
that equals to /dev/null, unless somebody explicitly said he will deal with 
the problem

> I did not check even is that pld only or general rpm bug.
its pld rpm macros bug, not bug of rpm or rpmbuild.

> I found that
> %addusertogroup %{name} video
> %addusertogroup %{name} audio
> gives:
> "quiet= /usr/lib/rpm/ user addtogroup mythtv videoquiet=
> /usr/lib/rpm/ user addtogroup mythtv audio"

so append ";" or "\n" (rather both, first for functionality second for 
readability) to that macro expansion.

> Regards


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