Modification of the RescueCD

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Tue Apr 6 14:52:12 CEST 2010

On 04/05/10 21:08, Reed, Ron wrote:
> How does one go about making minor changes (add a script to auto run, etc.) to the RescueCD? I just need to add a single script that installs some kernel modules and runs a script to configure an IPMI card.

Below is FAQ entry from translated to

How could I add my own files to rescueCD image?

  You should prepare tgz archives named pld[01]0[0-9].tar.bz2 that
contains all your files. Allowed dirs are: etc tmp var root home opt.
  Use rcdmod script (from iso or download site) to add
pld[01]0[0-9].tar.bz2 archives to iso image this way:

    rcdmod -i rescue.iso -f pld000.tar.bz2,pld100.tar.bz2  -o rescue-new.iso

  Upon booting RescueCD detects added archives and untar its contents to
root dir of the system. For archives named pld00[0-9].tar.bz2 this
operation is performed just after call to /sbin/init, before hardware
detection phase. If added archive contains /etc/rc.d/rc.rescue0.*, then
it will be run at this time.

  Archives named pld10[0-9].tar.bz2 are added after hardware detection
phase and environment setup. If archive contains /etc/rc.d/rc.rescue1.*
then those scripts will be run at this time.


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