java, *.src.jar packaging

Paweł Zuzelski z at
Wed Apr 14 19:17:44 CEST 2010


sometimes it is convenient to have java sources (.src.jar file)
installed. These files act as documentation. They are used by IDEs
together with javadoc for completion, hilithing etc.

I would like to add -source subpackage to some java libraries.

My question is: where to install .src.jar files?

 1. to /usr/share/java - but there is already to many files

 2. to %{_docdir} (/usr/share/doc/%{name}-source) - I don't think
    it's a good idea

 3. create new directory, like /usr/share/javasrc - Needs
    modification in packages that provides jdk

As far as I know other distros don't package these files at all, so
there is no convention to follow.


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