packages: mumble/mumble.spec - /etc/murmur must be owned by murmur

Elan Ruusamäe glen at
Fri Apr 16 09:33:22 CEST 2010

On Thursday 15 April 2010 22:23:26 shadzik wrote:
> -%dir %{_sysconfdir}/murmur
> +%attr(755,murmur,murmur) %dir %{_sysconfdir}/murmur

no, we usually do not let services own the dir, but later allow writing dir 
via group ownership, this way they can't fck up the permissions, but still 
can write, add/remove files there:
%attr(775,root,murmur) %dir %{_sysconfdir}/murmur

that said, if you do not need service to add/remove/move files in that dir, 
you don't need to give it write permission to DIR, but files only.


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