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Paweł Zuzelski z at
Mon Aug 9 09:37:38 CEST 2010

On Sun, 08 Aug 2010, skibi wrote:
> Author: skibi                        Date: Sat Aug  7 23:17:59 2010 GMT

> +%define         jadro

1. What does "jadro" mean? Variables/macros should have names that
   reflect they use.

2. Always use adapter before commit.

3. It is OK to commit unfinished spec, but you should say in commit
   log that it is unfinished.

4. It is not OK to commit spec without %changelog macro. Now there
   is no correct changelog in your spec. BTW adapter will add
   %changelog, so GOTO 2.

5. Don't reinvent the well. See other kernel modules specs how to
   package it correctly.

6. Ask on mailing lists/irc if in doubt.

Paweł Zuzelski

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