last php upgrade (ac) and open_basedir

Kanedaaa Bohater kaneda at
Thu Dec 16 16:39:13 CET 2010

Good morning.

After last upgrade:

php-session-5.2.14-5.i686 obsoleted by php-session-5.2.15-1.i686
php-common-5.2.14-5.i686 obsoleted by php-common-5.2.15-1.i686
php-pcre-5.2.14-5.i686 obsoleted by php-pcre-5.2.15-1.i686
php-spl-5.2.14-5.i686 obsoleted by php-spl-5.2.15-1.i686
php-simplexml-5.2.14-5.i686 obsoleted by php-simplexml-5.2.15-1.i686
php-mysqli-5.2.14-5.i686 obsoleted by php-mysqli-5.2.15-1.i686
php-hash-5.2.14-5.i686 obsoleted by php-hash-5.2.15-1.i686
apache-mod_php-5.2.14-5.i686 obsoleted by apache-mod_php-5.2.15-1.i686
php-cli-5.2.14-5.i686 obsoleted by php-cli-5.2.15-1.i686
php-ctype-5.2.14-5.i686 obsoleted by php-ctype-5.2.15-1.i686
php-dba-5.2.14-5.i686 obsoleted by php-dba-5.2.15-1.i686
php-gd-5.2.14-5.i686 obsoleted by php-gd-5.2.15-1.i686
php-gettext-5.2.14-5.i686 obsoleted by php-gettext-5.2.15-1.i686
php-mbstring-5.2.14-5.i686 obsoleted by php-mbstring-5.2.15-1.i686
php-mcrypt-5.2.14-5.i686 obsoleted by php-mcrypt-5.2.15-1.i686
php-mysql-5.2.14-5.i686 obsoleted by php-mysql-5.2.15-1.i686
php-posix-5.2.14-5.i686 obsoleted by php-posix-5.2.15-1.i686
php-xml-5.2.14-5.i686 obsoleted by php-xml-5.2.15-1.i686
php-zlib-5.2.14-5.i686 obsoleted by php-zlib-5.2.15-1.i686

I get:

PHP Warning:  Unknown: open_basedir restriction in effect.
File(/usr/share/squirrelmail/index.php) is not within the allowed path(s):
in Unknown on line 0

PHP Warning:  Unknown: failed to open stream: Operation not permitted in 
Unknown on line

PHP Fatal error:  Unknown: Failed opening required
(include_path='.:/usr/share/pear:/usr/share/php') in Unknown on line 0

Why it dosnt see /usr/share/squirrelmail/ path?
Why upgrade broke this?


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