skype.spec 64 bit

Elan Ruusamäe glen at
Wed Feb 17 12:30:43 CET 2010

On Sunday 14 February 2010 17:50:30 Kamil Dziedzic wrote:
> > $Log: skype.spec,v $
> >+Revision 1.82  2010/01/22 16:30:34  glen
> >+- 64bit skype
> >+
> It's not 64 bit. Binary is still 32 bit.

oh, my mistake, i was likely so excited that i did not even think to test as i 
installed package and it worked on my 64bit workstation (as i already had 
32bit libs present)

however, it's convinient to include it in 64bit repo, so poldek -u skype (or 
poldek --upgrade-dist) would work more smoothly.

arekm (as th maintainer) -- what you think?

for example there exists gcc-multilib somewhy, it could be also installed from 
th-i686 repo not included in th repo. i see some inconsistency otherwise.

or is gcc*multilib packages any way different than same packages from th-i686 


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