A couple questions about the website

Elan Ruusamäe glen at pld-linux.org
Thu Nov 11 17:01:48 CET 2010

  On 08.11.2010 16:58, Caleb Maclennan wrote:
> 1) How does one get a working wiki user? I've tried signing up with my
> cvs editor name and with a WikiName and every other suggestion but
> no-way-no-how am I able to edit the wiki pages.

there actually exists dokuwiki install:

currently it uses pldusers.org theme, so if somebody would
create theme similar to current www in dokuwiki format,
i'd finish the data migration and replace the moinmoun install

moinmoin install is outdated, unmaintained (at least in pld side),
dokuwiki i use at least myself, so i could improve and tech support it.

currently that dw install has synced password files from cvs,
so you can use those to authenticate.
ideally there should be written authenticator plugin which
authenticates using pld cvs server.

you can contact me privately (email, jid) if interested more
(want admin access or any thing else in that topic).


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