packages: OGLFT/OGLFT.spec - include Qt support, remove .la, rel. 2

Tomasz Pala gotar at
Fri Feb 25 11:07:24 CET 2011

On Fri, Feb 25, 2011 at 06:46:58 +0100, Jakub Bogusz wrote:

>> I can't compile it properly anyway... at this point x86_64 build tried
>> to link against /usr/lib/
> You need to trace where "-L/usr/lib" in libtool --mode=link comes from.
> Maybe qt setup ("-L$QTDIR/lib" is common bug).

Probably, because rel. 1 without Qt support has been build.

As for .la I can repackage it in -static (after reading previous
discussion), because it's useless and wrong in devel and _all of them_ are
nondeterministic anyway (but it's less probable that most of the -static
would be installed on builders), if you want to revive this discussion I
got no response for the latter:

Either BR: *-static for static builds _or better_, do some .la postprocessing to
make them more deterministic (like s/-l(.*)/\ and disabling
autorequires for other .la files). I prefer the second solution unless
it creates other problems (for example: what if we don't have
appropriate .la file, because library is pc-enabled? would it be enough
to ship stub .la file instead?).

Tomasz Pala <gotar at>

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