cdg: shadzik-rw (NEW)

Mariusz Mazur mmazur at
Thu Jan 27 15:23:31 CET 2011

On Thursday 27 of January 2011, Bartosz Taudul wrote:

> The admision/removal of a CDG member is accomplished by a 2/3 majority
> vote with a minimum of 50% turnout. Only CDG members vote.

With the current cdg member's list, any vote will result in at least 50% of 
members getting automatically booted from cdg. So one way or the other we need 
to create a new members list and vote on it.

> A proposal for removing a member is to be voted on after 3 months of
> that members inactivity as a CDG (lack of comments, no voting, etc.).

Can multible removals/additions be made in a single vote?

> > For this example, members that does not exists on that statistics are:
> So what?

For a CDG decission to have any legitimacy, the CDG members should reflect the 
currently active developers. So it makes sense to base the updated CDG members 
list on the top commiters list + infrastructure admins.


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