[PATCH] i915 failed to set cursor + garbage on screen

Przemo Firszt przemo at firszt.eu
Thu Mar 10 20:01:19 CET 2011

Dnia 2011-03-10, czw o godzinie 15:09 +0100, Łukasz Maśko pisze:
> Dnia czwartek, 10 marca 2011, Przemo Firszt napisał:
> > Hi,
> > I had some problems with 2.6.38-rc6 and xorg-driver-video-intel-2.14.0
> > xorg was spitting hundreds of errors like that on the consle:
> I have no problems, but right now I'm on kernel (no such problems 
> for a quite wide range of recent kernels). Intel driver as above, KDE from 
> PLD, hardware is Intel i945GM.
OK, the patch doesn't work - it took 2 days to get "failed to set
cursor", but the problem is back.
Przemo Firszt

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