poldek segfault

Zsolt Udvari udvzsolt at gmail.com
Fri Mar 18 11:47:37 CET 2011

Hi all!

I receive sometimes segfault in poldek (when I want to try install some
*specified* packages, e.g. ssh, coreutils, etc.).
Now I've created (only for testing, for me) a repo:
type   = %{_type}
name   = carme-texlive2010
path   =

When I run poldek in gdb:

poldek:/all-avail> install texlive
warn: texlive: ambiguous name
Detaching after fork from child process 20464.
Detaching after fork from child process 20465.
Processing dependencies...
Detaching after fork from child process 20466.
texlive-20091107-0.1.i686 obsoleted by texlive-20100722-0.1.i686
Detaching after fork from child process 20467.
  greedy upgrade kpathsea-20091107-0.1.i686 to 20100722-0.1.i686 (unresolved
texlive = 1:20091107-0.1)
   kpathsea-20091107-0.1.i686 obsoleted by kpathsea-20100722-0.1.i686
     greedy upgrade texlive-dvips-20091107-0.1.i686 to 20100722-0.1.i686
(unresolved libkpathsea.so.5)
      texlive-dvips-20091107-0.1.i686 obsoleted by
        greedy upgrade texconfig-20091107-0.1.i686 to 20100722-0.1.i686
(unresolved texlive-dvips = 1:20091107-0.1)
         texconfig-20091107-0.1.i686 obsoleted by
Detaching after fork from child process 20468.
         texconfig-20100722-0.1.i686 marks xdvi-20100722-0.1.i686 (cap xdvi
= 1:20100722-0.1)
          xdvi-20091107-0.1.i686 obsoleted by xdvi-20100722-0.1.i686
Detaching after fork from child process 20469.
     greedy upgrade texlive-pdftex-20091107-0.1.i686 to 20100722-0.1.i686
(unresolved libkpathsea.so.5)
      texlive-pdftex-20091107-0.1.i686 obsoleted by
        greedy upgrade texlive-format-pdflatex-20091107-0.1.i686 to
20100722-0.1.i686 (unresolved texlive-pdftex = 1:20091107-0.1)
         texlive-format-pdflatex-20091107-0.1.i686 obsoleted by
         texlive-format-pdflatex-20100722-0.1.i686 marks
texlive-latex-20100722-0.1.i686 (cap texlive-latex = 1:20100722-0.1)
          texlive-latex-20091107-0.1.i686 obsoleted by
            greedy upgrade texlive-latex-bibtex-20091107-0.1.i686 to
20100722-0.1.i686 (unresolved texlive-latex = 1:20091107-0.1)
             texlive-latex-bibtex-20091107-0.1.i686 obsoleted by

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
find_db_conflicts_dbcnfl_with_cap (indent=0, ictx=0xbffff078, pkg=0x8129728,
cap=0x8128f76) at conflicts.c:320
320 }
(gdb) quit

Can anybody know what can I do? Can anybody patch the sources? If needed
some other information, please write :)


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