grsecurity users?

Marek Guevara Braun marekguevara at
Mon Nov 21 17:05:49 CET 2011

W dniu 21 listopada 2011 11:33 użytkownik Arkadiusz Miśkiewicz
<arekm at> napisał:
> Ok but what part? RBAC?

Yes. without PAX

>> I've got issues with
>> vservers on 3.0 kernels,
> What issues?

OpenVPN server in vserver does not see any tun interfaces provided by
host (3.0.8-1). This config (documented in docs.pld-li...) works with
older 2.6 kernels, but unfortunatelly not with the newest kernel from
th repository.

>> PS2. The question should have gone to the pld-uses-pl/en lists.
> Look at first mail in this thread again.

Sorry 8-)


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