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Jakub Bogusz qboosh at
Tue Feb 7 18:41:16 CET 2012

On Tue, Feb 07, 2012 at 05:04:05PM +0100, Marcin Rybak wrote:
> 2012/2/7 Patryk Zawadzki <patrys at>
> > W dniu 7 lutego 2012 14:26 użytkownik Bartosz Taudul
> > <wolf.pld at> napisał:
> > > 2012/2/7 Arkadiusz Miśkiewicz <arekm at>:
> > >> Please stop this personal crap.
> > >>
> > >> Better share with us about what is the actuall problem with this bcond?
> > I
> > >> cannot tell that from reading your commit logs.
> > > Jakbyś nie odpierdalał personal crapu z abw, to by sobie glen mógł
> > > przeczytać o co chodzi.
> >
> > IRC to nie bugtracker.
> o tak - nasz bugtracker aż kipi od ticketów... a może dlatego ich brak, że
> to idealna dystrybucja w której wszystko działa po upgrade. Cieciwa znalazł
> błąd, więc go naprawił, podobnie było ostatnio z błędem związanym z
> logrotate, nikt nikogo nie pytał o to "czy to naprawiać"

I'm replying to several messages now, not just yours one.

First, when speaking (first) on English list and (second) about subject involving
non-Polish speaker, use English.
(I'm CCing -pl now, so all people interested will see this - but please follow
just on -en)

Second - to state what this thread is about:

This is official Nagios feature.
Using it has some advantages and disadvantages. When enabled at build
time, it can be disabled at runtime in several ways (either globally
in Nagios configuration, or per-script) - there stays only some (small
for modern systems) memory footprint. When disabled at build time, it
can't be enabled at runtime.

Globally disabling some feature, which - if problematic - can be
disabled locally is hardly "fixing a bug".

And finally - if cieciwa would just tell, WHICH script is incompatible
with ePN, then the bug could be fixed at its source or at least

If many scripts are problematic, we could ship Nagios with epn
configured in such way, that it requires +epn marker in ePN-compatible
scripts and then mark with it all shipped scripts which are compatible.

Jakub Bogusz

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