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Tomasz Pala gotar at
Fri Jan 27 18:33:39 CET 2012

On Fri, Jan 27, 2012 at 19:16:49 +0200, Elan Ruusamäe wrote:

>> Just do not install the 'systemd' package and keep using SysVinit and
>> rc-scripts. I see no reason to get rid of those, but please keep in mind
>> that the more people switch to systemd the less supported
>> SysVinit/rc-scripts will be.
> so, this does nothing then (other than diskspace)?:
> - packages providing systemd units will have R:systemd-units

Yes, this package costs you only some space. It contains systemctl
binary and units (text files describing various services, devices,
timers, sockets etc.)
If you want to test systemd - install systemd and boot with
If you want to switch for good, install systemd-init.

SysV scripts are not going to disappear fast (we use them for other
things, like db init), but all ongoing development should focus on some
decent init manager only. systemd was chosen over upstart because it's
widely supported and handles legacy SysV/LSB scripts (required by 3rd
party), being drop-in replacement.

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