[PATCH] kernel-vanilla

Przemo Firszt przemo at firszt.eu
Fri Jun 1 10:32:37 CEST 2012

On Fri, 2012-06-01 at 00:13 +0200, Bartosz Świątek wrote:
> I personally don't like people not saying anything and expecting
> everything, or geeks not being able to say 'Hello' just because their
> "matter is so much more important" than their form. Anyway, even if
> you manage to get your patch commited I wish you all the luck in the
> world, to get you hired by anyone who doesn't care about your lack of
> culture.
> Maybe there is a dark basement in a big company, where you won't need
> to communicate with other people directly ;) I hope for you there is.
I'm not treating this list as a social ground. It's purely technical and
that's why I can't see anything wrong in sending a patch alone without
any comments or "Please take a look at my patch." - this is obvious.

BTW Email communication is awful: you're jumping to conclusions about me
(lack of culture, a good workplace for me, me being antisocial geek)
based on _one_ (broken) patch :-)

I have to go back to my dark basement now to finish a patch ;-)
Kind regards,
Przemo Firszt <przemo at firszt.eu>

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