packages: frogatto/frogatto.spec, frogatto/frogatto-no_fbo_assert.patch (NE...

Bartosz Świątek shadzik at
Thu May 3 23:37:15 CEST 2012


:) Are you serious? Is this seriously your patch?
Do you even know what assert_eq(a,b) does?

Since when do we remove bug checking in programs and call it fixes or hacks?!

If you, for some weird reason, are still using a 11 year old GPU*,
then at least do a proper fix for it or use your "hack" privately. You
didn't check what your "fix" causes on other GPUs. Revert please.

*"ATI's first R200-based card was the Radeon 8500, launched in October 2001."

"I'm living proof if you do one thing right in your career, you can
coast for a long time. A LOOOOONG time." -Guy Kawasaki

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