udev-acl on non-systemd systems

Jan Rękorajski baggins at pld-linux.org
Sun May 27 21:50:58 CEST 2012

On Sun, 27 May 2012, Jakub Bogusz wrote:

> udev-acl disappeared, there was changelog entry:
> - don't obsolete udev-acl as it is provided by systemd and will also be
>   provided by ConsoleKit
> but it's not provided by ConsoleKit.
> And it's still required by some packages, like gnome-bluetooth.

I thought that when udev/systemd clowns said it will be in next CK
release then that release will be real soon now. How naive of me.
I will add git patch to CK and package udev-acl there.

> (BTW, since udev 183 it has been merged into systemd, but it's said to be
> still possible to use udev without systemd)

Yes, binary packages names and contents should not change, udev will
still be udev and work without systemd.

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