[packages/libjpeg-8] Back to libjpeg 8d in this spec

Kacper Kornet draenog at pld-linux.org
Wed Jun 5 11:54:07 CEST 2013

On Wed, Jun 05, 2013 at 12:43:18PM +0300, Elan Ruusamäe wrote:
> On 04.06.2013 18:29, qboosh wrote:
> >commit d5dab9b29e05a829d0773920d97e7a2897e1d587
> >Author: Jakub Bogusz <qboosh at pld-linux.org>
> >Date:   Tue Jun 4 17:17:32 2013 +0200

> >     Back to libjpeg 8d in this spec
> >     This reverts commit 57a92107f9272dcaec4e19f5b9cb86d6bd0eeaa5.

> why not just had truncated the history?

I guess that libjpeg-8 was cloned from libjpeg using ssh git at .... copy
So history truncation would require rewriting of master branch on
server, which is possible only for gitadmins.

> like git checkout SHA1; git reset --hard ..

??? It wouldn't work. git checkout sha1 would result and in detached
HEAD and subsequent git reset --hard wouldn't not update any branch.
If you want reset master to a different commit it should be:

git checkout master (if current branch is not master)
git reset --hard <commit>


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