udev-198 warning

Elan Ruusamäe glen at pld-linux.org
Wed Mar 20 20:45:50 CET 2013

if you upgrade to udev-198 and have not generated initrd with geninitrd 
 >= 12635 then your /dev/null, /dev/*random are with wrong permission, 
which leads to random problems, like can't ssh out as regular user, 
desktop environments not starting up, etc

20:14:59  glen> arekm: that /dev/null problem got to my laptop too
20:15:07  glen> so there's /dev/null is 660
20:15:17  glen> and /dev/random /dev/urandom as well, so i couldn't ssh 
as user
20:15:37  glen> and /dev/null problem caused lxdm -> mate session not to 
startup at all. just x11 background
20:16:05  glen> arekm: what's the cause and a fix? and could you post 
warning to devel-en as well?
20:16:15  glen> because more people will be affected and random errors 
20:16:55 +arekm> glen: new udev doesn't touch these permissions, so 
initrd sets these. In our case set these wrongly
20:17:05 +arekm> glen: solution: upgrade geninitrd, regenerate initrd
20:17:17  glen> kernel-3.7.9-1.x86_64 udev-198-1.x86_64 
20:17:32 +arekm> geninitrd >= 12635
20:17:33  glen> arekm: what versions are the edges?
20:17:38  glen> and what is udev "new" ?
20:18:04 +arekm> 198 for sure but no idea in which ver this got changed
20:18:18  glen> rpm -q --blink shows udev-197-5.x86_64.rpm
20:18:30  glen> so, 198 is the problematic one.
20:18:38  glen> any Conflicts somewhere make sense?
20:18:59 +arekm> partially since generated initrds won't fix themselfs
20:19:04  glen> and what devices are affected, you mentioned /dev/null, 
but i saw /dev/urandom problem too?
20:19:08 +arekm> already generated
20:19:14  glen> any list of them?
20:19:27 +arekm> see geninitrd svn commit, I guess only these
20:19:46  glen> well, in that case new udev must conflict on old geninitrd
20:20:36  glen> will you add that C and post to devel-en?


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