rpm5 & ts.hdrFromFdno from .hdr file

Jeffrey Johnson n3npq at me.com
Mon May 20 21:24:30 CEST 2013

On May 20, 2013, at 3:16 PM, Elan Ruusamäe wrote:

> On 05/20/2013 08:32 PM, Jeffrey Johnson wrote:
>>> >the read call i narrowed it down that is giving None in pld and an object in fc was rpm.readHeaderListFromFile
>>> >
>> Comparing a dump of the working fc18 with the non-working header file to ensure data is identical.
> maybe i wasn't clear enough in previous responses, but pld and fc both produce indentical .hdr files, whether input is pld or fc package, doesn't matter. and the resulting .hdr is usable only in rpm-python on fc.
> so yes, the data is identical.


So there is likely a difference in the python-rpm binding implementation. I'm
not surprised ...

Try to pin down the exact return code in yum/anaconda that is failing.
One way to do this is to turn on RPMIO debugging, another way is
with strace (limit to open/close/read/write if the spewage overwhelms)

(from ancient memories)
The @rpm5.org code has a slightly different return for EOF than what
yum/anaconda are expecting. Just one guess ...

... another guess ... the @rpm.org python bindings is trying to support
reading headers without verifying digest/signature, and is also (though
its enturely unused afaik) attemptint to support multiple concatenated
headers read from single file.


73 de Jeff
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