DISTFILES: qemu-kvm: ERRORS: qemu-kvm-1.2.0.tar.gz bios.bin-1.7.4.gz

Marcin Krol hawk at pld-linux.org
Mon Feb 3 15:21:28 CET 2014

> wget -nv --no-check-certificate --user-agent=PLD/distfiles -O ./tmp/338293ab-1349-44bb-9002-ba0ccb8c0c3e/c5f88765e74945f7fa18c3a3141f5334/bios.bin-1.7.4.gz http://code.coreboot.org/p/seabios/downloads/get/bios.bin-1.7.4.gz:
> http://code.coreboot.org/P/seabios/downloads/get/bios.bin-1.7.4.gz:
> 2014-02-03 13:45:59 ERROR 404: Not Found.

Any ideas which part of our automation changed "p" in above URL to 
uppercase causing error 404? Using builder or wget manually properly 
downloads this file. Any chances for fix or should I just upload it to 
distfiles manually?


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