[ANN] New Kernel packages set

Jan Rękorajski baggins at pld-linux.org
Wed Feb 5 18:05:58 CET 2014

On Fri, 31 Jan 2014, Jan Rękorajski wrote:

> Hi,
> Because of some seemingly unfixable problems reported for 3.10, I
> decided to stay with 3.4.x line as longterm kernel for Th.
> But more important changes will apply to main kernel package, we are
> currently 3 releases behind because of slow updates of the Linux-Vserver
> patch. So there will be an additional package set - kernel-vserver which
> will be the latest mainline kernel supported by vserver community
> (currently it's 3.10.x). This means that main kernel packages WILL NOT
> To sum it up:
> - kernel-longterm - 3.4.x as long as maintained upstream
> - kernel-vserver - latest upstream supported by Linux-Vserver
> - kernel - mainline, without Vserver

A recent update of the Linux-Vserver patch, let us postpone the 3
kernels scenario. Thanks to vserver developers nothing will change wrt
out kernel packaging. 3.4 stays as longterm and mainline will have
vserver patch appliad.

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