Building against ffmpeg with opencl

Jan Palus jan.palus at
Sat Jul 26 16:39:26 CEST 2014

On 26.07.2014 16:18, Jan Palus wrote:
> ok found the issue with OCL_ICD_DEBUG=2 - it turned out I had beignet
> package installed which provides ocl-icd vendor file. Is there any way
> to choose preferred vendor instead of running into such issues when one
> only wants to play a movie?

One more observation based on mpv build - zsh completion is built at the
end of the process by invoking newly created binary: mpv --list-options
which failed silently with beignet package installed. This in turn
created corrupted completion file. While one may argue if build process
should continue after failed invocation, the problem remains that
builders should probably be independent of all this opencl vendors. No
idea how this should be solved as I have no working knowledge about

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