[packages/php-pecl-http] - R += pecl-propro and pecl-raphf

Elan Ruusamäe glen at pld-linux.org
Thu Apr 2 09:53:21 CEST 2015

On 01.04.2015 08:54, Adam Golebiowski wrote:
>>>> > >>maybe rename your ini file so that LC_ALL=C locale would sort it last:
>>>> > >>
>>>> > >>like:
>>>> > >>http.ini -> http.ini (no changes)
>>>> > >>propro.ini -> http_propro.ini
>>>> > >>raphf.ini -> http_raphf.ini
>>> > >until we add some `boo' extension that depends on raphf, and that's just
>>> > >another version of prefixing.

two more ideas:

1. create modules-load.d dir, which would use the numbering (or whatever 
it would contain only "extension=modname.mod" lines
the actual module specific configs stay in current paths

2. create script which creates directory containing ordered symlinks 
automatically, symlinks pointing to current conf.d
similar to mods-available, mods-enabled scheme used in debian/ubuntu

the order would be somehow automatically detected, maybe extra file from 
package saying what needs to be loaded first.

ps: we have SAPINAME.d besides conf.d as well. maybe it is no longer 
neccessary as loading cli only module probably does not crash 
webserver-sapi modules anymore.


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