(rpm)db 5.2 files

Elan Ruusamäe glen at pld-linux.org
Sat May 16 11:49:01 CEST 2015

On 16.05.2015 00:29, Jeffrey Johnson wrote:
> Some mixture of these commands will make Packages portable for a chroot.
> 	dbXY_recover -v 		# remove ___db files
> 	dbXY_checkpoint -1	# create an empty commit
> 	dbXY_archive -d 		# remove unused log files
> (my guess: if the LSN's are removed, then the last/empty log files will be removed)
> Otherwise just remove log/* and try-and-see.
so, i ran these (in that order), but last log seems to remain. you 
suggest it's safe to remove log/*?

# remove LSN's
db5.2_load -r lsn /var/lib/rpm/Packages
# remove ___db files
db5.2_recover -v -h /var/lib/rpm
# create an empty commit
db5.2_checkpoint -1 -h /var/lib/rpm
# remove unused log files
db5.2_archive -d -h /var/lib/rpm



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