crontab pam broken

Elan Ruusamäe glen at
Thu Oct 29 13:52:45 CET 2015

$ crontab -l
You (glen) are not allowed to access to (crontab) because of pam 

this fails becase in syslog:
Oct 29 14:51:19 glen crontab[16154]: pam_unix(crond:account): 
unix_chkpwd abnormal exit: 11
Oct 29 14:51:19 glen crontab[16154]: (glen) PAM ERROR (Authentication 

any ideas?

Tue Aug  4 20:34:35 2015 cronie-1.5.0-1.x86_64
Mon May 25 11:04:54 2015 pam-1.1.8-8.x86_64
Mon May 25 11:04:54 2015 pam-libs-1.1.8-8.x86_64

# cat /etc/pam.d/crond
auth            include         system-auth
account         include         system-auth
session         include         system-auth
#session                required

# cat /etc/pam.d/system-auth
auth            required item=user sense=deny 
file=/etc/security/blacklist onerr=succeed
auth            required
auth            required deny=0 
file=/var/log/faillog onerr=succeed
auth            required try_first_pass

account         required file=/var/log/faillog 
account         required
account         required

#password       [success=1 ignore=reset abort=die default=bad] upper=1 digit=1
password        required try_first_pass difok=2 
minlen=8 dcredit=2 ocredit=2 retry=3
password        required try_first_pass sha512 shadow 
#password       required failok seteuid /usr/bin/make 
-C /var/db
#password       required failok seteuid /usr/bin/make 
-C /var/yp

session         required
session         optional revoke
session         required
-session        optional
session         [success=1 default=ignore] 
service in crond quiet use_uid
session         required skel=/etc/skel
session         required


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