RFC: systemd-timers to obsolete crond

Jacek Konieczny jajcus at jajcus.net
Tue Feb 14 13:32:21 CET 2017


I am not happy with crond running under systemd. The same could be done
with systemd timers, but we should keep compatibility with old systems.

My idea is to create a new package, 'systemd-timers', which would
obsolete all 'crondaemon' packages.

Some other packages require 'crondaemon' as they provide their own
crontabs or cron.{daily,hourly,daily,weekly,monthly} scripts. We could
add .timer and .service units for those packages too and then they could
work with crond OR systemd-timers. The dependency could be defined with
a virtual 'Provides', but how should I call it?

'Provides: crondaemon-or-systemd-timers' does not look right. ;-)


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