pld rpm 5.4.17

Jeffrey Johnson n3npq at
Thu Feb 23 19:43:14 CET 2017

This one is left though:

> error: db3: header #187105280 cannot be loaded -- skipping.
> error: db3: header #4127850496 cannot be loaded -- skipping.

How to check what these "headers" mean?
(old, unsupported keys? some old packages with missing fields which are
now required?)
The error message is printed on a headerCopyLoad() failure.

The failure is usually an indication of header damage of some sort, not missing fields now required.

The numbers  are  primary keys into Packages printed in in decimal.

The values appear to be in the wrong-endian order when converted to hex

You can try finding the header by doing, say, rpm -q —querybynumber 0xB270000
(or its reverse: its unclear what order).


73 de Jeff

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