rpm-5.4.18 snapshot available

Jeffrey Johnson n3npq at me.com
Tue Jul 18 12:47:10 CEST 2017

There’s a work-in-progress snapshot of the next version of RPM at
    rpm-5.4.17-0.20160510.src.rpm <http://rpm5.org/files/rpm/rpm-5.4/SNAPSHOT/rpm-5.4.17-0.20160510.src.rpm>

I’m mostly interested in early feedback on the contents before deciding what (e.g. gnulib)
should be included in a final tarball at this point.

rpm-5.4.18 implements file capabilities, and has an implementation of zest compression., to
name two features that might be of interest.

Berkeley DB detection has been reworked so that no patching is needed, and the
latest available installed libdb-X.Y will be used. Note that there is a 1-line patch to Berkeley DB needed
since db-6.1.23: . If multiple versions of Berkeley DB are installed with /us/include/db.h, then
you will need to specify which db.h version to use explicitly using

Almost all the splint annotations have been removed in RPM sources. so many patches will have to be rebased.


Please copy any replies to <rpm-devel at rpm5.org> as well.

73 de Jeff

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