TEST build ERRORS: poppler.spec

Jan Palus atler at pld-linux.org
Fri Aug 31 19:33:12 CEST 2018

On 31.08.2018 17:19, PLD th-x86_64 builder wrote:
> CMake Error at /usr/lib64/openjpeg-2.3/OpenJPEGTargets.cmake:90 (message):
>   The imported target "openjp2_static" references the file
>      "/usr/lib64/libopenjp2.a"
>   but this file does not exist.  Possible reasons include:
>   * The file was deleted, renamed, or moved to another location.
>   * An install or uninstall procedure did not complete successfully.
>   * The installation package was faulty and contained
>      "/usr/lib64/openjpeg-2.3/OpenJPEGTargets.cmake"
>   but not all the files it references.

It appears that openjpeg2-devel requires both openjpeg2-static (libopenjp2.a)
and openjpeg2-progs (opj_decompress). Now is it valid to specify circular

-devel: R: -static
-static: R: -devel

>From what I've gathered empirically poldek/RPM are smart enough to handle it. Any
other ideas? Disable static libs?


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