Mesa 18.3.0, Meson, LLVM, RTTI and OpenCL

Jacek Konieczny jajcus at
Tue Dec 11 15:37:40 CET 2018


I am preparing package for Mesa 18.3.0, switching the build system to
Meson, as autoconf/automake is deprecated.

I made it build, but without OpenCL. The problem is the Clover part of
Mesa requires RTTI to build (uses dynamic_cast) and Mesa is build
-fno-rtti when compiled with LLVM built without RTTI.

LLVM builds without RTTI by default, but it should be possible to build
it with RTTI, using 'REQUIRES_RTTI=1', which we have in our llvm.spec.
It doesn't seem to work, though:

[jajcus at jajo ~]$ llvm-config --has-rtti
[jajcus at jajo ~]$ rpm -qf `which llvm-config`

Should we fix it? It is disabled in LLVM for a reason, but it seems Mesa
expects it rather enabled. Also, changing the setting now will change
the ABI, which will force us to recompile everything compiled with
current LLVM. And I am not sure how to fix it, anyway.

Other than that, I would be glad if someone would try the new Mesa, to
see if the build works for anything other than Intel GPU. Especially the
Gallium drivers.


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