libexec and multi-arch

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Mon Feb 5 23:46:09 CET 2018

On Mon, Feb 05, 2018 at 15:20:55 -0500, Jeff Johnson wrote:

>> No, it only hidden the problem behind getconf binary being handled
>> _somehow_. I once even wondered how this is done, apparently rpm is
>> trying to be way too smart.
> RPM implements arch specific content generally as:
>   Libraries on different paths.
>   Executables on same path.

libexec directory should be treated as binaries, not libraries (even if
technically some of the contents are libraries, like plugins) nor data,
as the purpose of this is to carry private helpers of the binaries, not
any shared code.

> This requires a resolution to a preferred arch (usually x86_64) when installing executables onto identical paths.

How is rpm recognizing files that are subject to this special-handling
as same-path-executables?
How to extend this to all the files inside libexecdir?
How to extend this to all the files in mandir maybe?

> Whether RPM is too smart or the requested implementation is insufficiently general is arguable. For example, one might desire the ability for per-file-path configurable choice of architecture rather than per-system confIguration.

Or - to always use preferred arch, for ANY file that is overlapping in
packages that differ only in arch, e.g. /etc or anything inside datadir.

Currently, if such files exist, they need to have identical content for
the packages to be installed simultaneously, or be separated into
respective subpackages, which is unnecessary maintenance burden.

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