TEST build ERRORS: fontconfig.spec

Jan Palus atler at pld-linux.org
Sun Mar 11 11:34:55 CET 2018

> 69f4b771-2f60-43f1-bcca-ece370059cce/tmp/B.af_pNM/BUILD/fontconfig-2.13.0/test/cache.dir/b9d99059-517f-4a54-9228-3fc60336fa91-le32d4.cache-7
> No permissions to creating new namespace, likely because the kernel does not allow non-privileged user namespaces. On e.g. debian this can be enabled with 'sysctl kernel.unprivileged_userns_clone=1'.
> *** Test failed: Basic functionality with the bind-mounted cache dir
> file property doesn't points to the new place: /tmp/fontconfig.EiWDNCv2/fonts/4x6.pcf

To be honest I don't really follow, can someone advise whether this is expected behavior on builders?

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