openssl 1.1.1 rebuild - need for help

glen glen at
Mon Oct 22 10:34:56 CEST 2018

On 10/21/18 11:13 PM, Adam Golebiowski wrote:

>> Current status update:
>> android-tools		drop
>> apache1-mod_ssl		drop
> side note - drop apache1 all together. And by the same time drop php < 5.6 as well.
> apache1 had its last release 8+ years ago, php 5.5 last release in July 2016.
> We can drop php5.6 in couple of months - it will be eol-ed upstream by the end of the year.
also using apache 1.3 and php < 5.6 in infra.

if want to drop something, then candidates for php are rather:
- 5.4
- 5.5
- 7.0

mostly because there are no major changes with these versions, and that 
extensions are present in pld.

but then this will remove uniqueness for pld where all php versions are 
available and the maintenance cost is not that high.


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