carme-x86_64 readline broken?

Elan Ruusamäe glen at
Wed Jun 19 22:48:28 CEST 2019

seems all operations that require some kind of interactivity are broken 
on carme.

random examples:

1. coreutils prompts fail to prompt with bogus error closing file message

2. nvim segfaults

3. git interactive stage fails to prompt (returns to shell)

[~/rpm/packages/php(7.4.0) (dev-7.4)↑★] ➔ rm -i /dev/null
rm: remove character special file '/dev/null'? rm: error closing file
[~/rpm/packages/php(7.4.0) (dev-7.4)↑★] ➔ nvim
Segmentation fault
[~/rpm/packages/php(7.4.0) (dev-7.4)↑★] ➔
[~/rpm/packages/php(7.4.0) (dev-7.4)↑★] ➔ git add -p
diff --git a/php.spec b/php.spec
index 2b4de4f..1b8f04d 100644
--- a/php.spec
+++ b/php.spec
@@ -164,7 +164,7 @@ Summary(ru.UTF-8):  PHP Версии 7 - язык препроцессирова
  Summary(uk.UTF-8):     PHP Версії 7 - мова препроцесування 
HTML-файлів, виконувана на сервері
  Name:          %{orgname}%{php_suffix}
  Version:       7.4.0
-Release:       0.1
+Release:       0.2
  Epoch:         4
  # All files licensed under PHP version 3.01, except
  # Zend is licensed under Zend
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[~/rpm/packages/php(7.4.0) (dev-7.4)↑★] ➔


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