[packages/qt4] - icu 67 rebuild - release 28 (by relup.sh)

Jan Palus atler at pld-linux.org
Tue Jul 7 16:11:38 CEST 2020

On 07.07.2020 12:30, Andrzej Zawadzki wrote:
>    Hi!
>    After upgrade that package KDE4 stop working - flood of core dumps.
>    Maybe rebuilding KDE4 is enough to fix this issue?
>    ps. I don't have stack trace.

kde4/qt4 should either get a maintainer -- I propose you -- or be moved to
th-obsolete. In the latter case users would need to keep two versions of

- one for legacy stuff like kde4
- one for rest of the system

for as long as they can (ie you'd be better off installing both libicu 65 and 67
now instead of upgrading qt4 and kde4). This will inevitably break at some point

Personally I'm not willing to maintain qt4/kde4. Actually as far as I'm
concerned this was the last time I attempted to fix dependency problems in

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