query about debuginfo

Krzysztof Mrozowicz krzysztof at mrozowicz.eu
Fri Apr 9 16:27:11 CEST 2021

Hi, I updated the wesnoth package to newer version and it built on my
computer with no problems. When I tried to build it on the builders,
it failed with error saying that debugsourcefiles.list is empty.
I updated my environment to what is in th-test and was able to
reproduce the error on my computer, so something got changed in macros
or rpm there...

This was the first time when I saw this kind of error so I asked
google and found some solution:

add %global debug_package %{nil} to the spec

And this helped. Packages were built correctly, but I don't know if
what I did, was right. The effect of adding the above directive to the
spec was that the package wesnoth-debuginfo-1.14.16-1.x86_64.rpm was
not created.

I'd love to hear from more experienced developers something that could
help me to understand this.


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