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Jan Rękorajski baggins at pld-linux.org
Wed Jan 20 00:40:09 CET 2021

On Mon, 18 Jan 2021, Marcin Krol wrote:

> > rpmbuild --nobuild doesn't return missing deps, just empty output
> > 
> > This call is used in install.py of pld-builder.new and not returning 
> > missing deps results in builders not doing auto install of missing deps.
> > 
> > M.
> > 
> > P.S. Tested on TLD, but differences shouldn't matter in this case
> Looks like "rpmbuild --nodbuild -br" does the job...

Thanks for figuring this out.

I ported ftp admin tools over to rpm4 / py3, unfortunately I don't have
a builder handy to break for porting. Luckily it looks like builder does
not pull python-rpm, just calls rpm binary. So if there are no more
surprises we should be good to go.

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