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PLD Rescue CD is a great tool and was an important part of the PLD Linux
ecosystem for years. But recently it has not been maintained at all. On
EFI systems it is quite useless and making it boot from anything else
that the original ISO image is more complicated that it should be.

That is why I wanted to build something better. First I tried to hack
and customize the original RCD, but with lack of documentation or
'source code' it was a mess. I managed to boot it from EFI but the
solution was ugly and the image was twice as big as the original.

Then I decided to start from scratch and finally managed to build
something that works (at least in VirtualBox and on two laptops) and
looks decent. It should also be easier to maintain and customize than
the original RCD.

The project home is here:
The first release, here:

I used Th 2012 as a base so I don't need to update the supporting code
every day. I am looking forward to see a new PLD Th snapshot for similar

I am attaching the package list. Not everything what was in the original
PLD RCD is included in my image – in most cases because the packages
were missing or could not be installed due to dependency problems.

Please give it a try and let me know what you think.

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