pld kernel 2.2.18-14 boot problems

Philip J. Hollenback phil at
Sun Apr 1 00:42:18 CEST 2001

Yes, compiling ide-disk, the via chipset ide driver, and ext2 into the
kernel worked.  Thanks for the advice.

I think the via driver should probably be included by default, since
you already include the cmd and rz1000 drivers.


On Setting Orange, the 17th of Discord, Philip J. Hollenback spake:
> On Mon, Mar 12, 2001 at 10:00:18AM -0800, Philip J. Hollenback wrote:
> > I am very impressed the work that has gone into this version of
> > the kernel, and I would love the get it booting.  Does anyone have
> > any idea what I need to change to fix this?  I confess I am not
> > very familiar with the initial ramdisk setup, do I need to change
> > something there?
> Hello Philip!
> First of all I have no blody idea about the Via driver. But befour
> you will start playing with initrd. Mayby you should compile
> directly into your kernel the support for the ide ide-disk and
> ext2. Then if it will not work we will know that this is the problem
> with the kernel not with the ramdisk.  I'm simply not shure if you
> realised that ext2 is also in the module.  If no this is probably
> the case.  Thats all for now.
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