[kreutzm@itp.uni-hannover.de: Bug-Report: sgml-tools]

Marek Guevara Braun marek at atm.com.pl
Wed Apr 11 10:15:39 CEST 2001

> ----- Forwarded message from Helge Kreutzmann
> <kreutzm at itp.uni-hannover.de> -----
> Running sgml2info:
> kreutzm at pele:~/texte/aboot[558] % rpm -qf /usr/bin/sgml2info
> sgml-tools-1.0.7-6
> on a valid sgml-file (fine with docbook2man) results in lots of errors
> about a incorrect dtd.

What about sgml-tools-1.0.9 - the package should be in test
directory on our ftp & mirrors.

But I've got a question about the format of your sgml 
document: as far as I know sgml-tools deals only with 
the linuxdoc format, some newer tools works with DocBook 
(which could be sgml or xml "encoded") format -  are 
the document in linuxdoc/sgml format (there should be
header like "<!doctype linuxdoc system>" at the start
of the file)?

> Secondly sgml2info is missing a binary or a dependency because it
> finishes with:
> sh: /usr/bin/sgmlsasp: not found

I will look if it still exist with the 1.0.9 version of the

Marek Guevara Braun
marek at atm.com.pl

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