Michal Moskal malekith at
Tue Apr 24 16:00:57 CEST 2001

I've commited 19 patches against NetBSD cvs checkout of ash.
They mainly come from Debian package (I splited them) + some small
fixes from FreeBSD shell. Manpage, and Debian package info,
states that it's POSIX compilant. I wonder whatever it's would be good
idea to replace pdksh with ash. There are several known problems (aka
SegFaults) with pdksh, and its author is not likely to fix them. However
there are few extensions, which are not in posix, nor in SUS, which are
used throughout most of PLD specs, scripts, and makefiles, but are not
supported by ash. The most important one is brace expasion ({a,b}c -> ac
bc). Other include typeset builtin. (rc-scripts). 

Maybe after adding brace expansion to ash, and removing typesets from
rc-scripts we could use ash as /bin/sh, since it's faster, smaller and 
possibly less likely to SEGV?

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