System Unusable after initial installation.

Bob Van Cleef vancleef at
Mon Aug 13 23:22:50 CEST 2001


Version pld-i386-1.iso

I take the standard file partitioning, do not make any changes
in the package selection menu, define a DHCP eth0 network...
Install, reboot

1 - Log in as the normal user:  
    Things look normal, but no network defined.
    Cannot su to root:
	"su: incorrect password"
    No error listed in any of the /var/log files...

2 - Log in as root: (using password that failed in previous step)
	"sh: No controlling tty (open /dev/tty: No such device or address)"
	"sh: warning: won't have full job control"
    ls -l /dev/tty
	"crw-rw-rw- 1 root root 5,0 ... /dev/tty"
    If you try to run anything that is interactive, like vi, you see:
	"[1] + stopped (tty output) vi /etc/group"

The networking files in /etc/sysconfig/ aren't setup correctly, but
I can't edit them with either vi or ex.  The normal user account does
not have problems with job control, but cannot su.

3 - Haven't figured out how to go to single user when booting, but by 
    using "telinit s" I went to single user to see if I could edit
    anything.  Not only did I see the same job control issue, but
    when it placed my vi process into background mode I lost all
    keyboard control, except for CNT/ALT/DEL.

I have run multiple complete reinstalls, selecting the defaults on
everything because of my problems with the package lists last week.
Each time, the symptoms are identical.  Interesting that only root
has the job control issue.

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