Jakub Bogusz qboosh at prioris.mini.pw.edu.pl
Thu Feb 8 02:19:23 CET 2001

I wasn't able to build apache (as from repo):
1) conflict with db1 includes (see also changelog :/ )
mod_rewrite.c: In function `lookup_map_dbmfile':
mod_rewrite.c:2830: `DBM' undeclared (first use in this function)
2) some htmls in manual are localized - %files must be updated

I'm going to fix above in a moment.

But after successful building, it doesn't start...

Ouch! ap_mm_create(1048576, "/var/state/apache/mm.32229") failed
Error: MM: mm:core: failed to open semaphore file (No such file or
directory): OS: No such file or directory

Reason? There is no /var/state/apache, even no /var/state (FHS-2.1).
Path /var/state/apache/mm is given in
apache-EAPI_MM_CORE_PATH-correction.patch. What about this?

Jakub Bogusz

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