perl-CGI module probllem

hubert depesz lubaczewski depesz at
Sun Feb 11 16:51:19 CET 2001

i have just made spec and patch for perl-CGI module.
this is update of CGI module which is shipped with most perl-distributions.
the problem is that you cannot install this package without --force option
because there are conflicts with perl module (for example: belongs to
perl.rpm but it is replaced by from perl-CGI.rpm).
my question is: can someone with better rpm knowledge split perl package to
perl-base and perl-{module_name} for modules that are replaceable by new
version from cpan?
i hope you can understand what i mean ... :)


hubert depesz lubaczewski
     najwspanialszą rzeczą jaką dało nam nowoczesne społeczeństwo,
      jest niesamowita wręcz łatwość unikania kontaktów z nim ...

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