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Michal Moskal malekith at
Fri Mar 30 16:28:02 CEST 2001

I've just finished hacking selrpm to support groups of packages. Now it
will be possible to tell selrpm just to install devel, www and ftp, and
not to bother selecting invidual packages. However I'm not wise enough
to setup groups file :> So I need some help. Martii is doing it right
know but it would be better if more people corrected this file, esp
ppl who has installed several serever, and know what to install by
default. When I come back I will setup devel section.

How to do that? In bootdisk/coinst there is file called groups.
It is groups file in wuch format (actually extended a bit,
I will hack wuch to parse it later). There should be also some
small files profiles. E.g.


* 1 base Base packages

* 0 devel-core Core packages for development

* 0 devel-extra Extra packages for development

# hmmm I'm not sure about dividing so small
# sections, maybe just general inet-servers?
* 0 ftp-server Packges to setup ftp server
@pure-ftpd ftpd-BSD proftpd

Ok, there are also profile files, like this:

# profile...

# empty

# router functionality

Groups with '* 1' gots selected by default always. This should be
probably used just for base. Other are selected by default when they
are in profile.

When you run selrpm (you can try, it won't harm ./selrpm -d ../coinst base),
it asks you for each group. Default answer is from '* 1' or profile.
You can also request to be asked for every package.

When you answer that you want given group (or you want to be asked)
you got asked for every package marked with '!' in group file.
When list of packages is marked with '@' you have to select one
of them. *Last* one is the default. You can mark group of packages
with '@!' or '!@' in which case you can select one of packages,
or none.

Ok, this should be clear. Look at comments in groups file for details.

Of course this is only a hint to person who is installing system.
But it might be useful, even for customized installations.

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