Michal Moskal malekith at pld.org.pl
Mon Oct 15 11:52:48 CEST 2001


During the weekend I hack rc-boot a bit. While I don't mind how it looks,
if it only works, I respect, *other people* might have less relaxed
opinions about it. So now grub_functions.sh and lilo_functions.sh looks
similar to rc-inetd.script.

I also hacked grub functions to actually work in (a) chroot (grub-install
is severly broken... I had to get rid of it), (b) with separate /boot,
and lilo functions to add PASSWORD= support.

Now, can I hack {lilo,grub,kernel}.spec to use it? I guess it is possible
to drop {lilo,grub}_functions.sh directly to SOURCES/, and distribute
them along with {lilo,grub}*rpm, (but it is also possible to distirbute
them separatly, if there is need to do so). They ain't big (about 1-2k),
so including them in bootloader rpm isn't problem. Then:

Provides: bootloader
# no Obsolutes:, if user is required to rpm -i grub; rpm -e lilo if he wants,
# or, alternativly, to set LOADER= in /etc/sysconfig/rc-boot/config


Requires: bootloader

# no related req|prov
# ...
if [ -x /sbin/rc-boot ] ; then
  /sbin/rc-boot 1>&2 || :
# backward compatibile
elif [ -x /sbin/lilo -a -f /etc/lilo.conf ] ; then
  /sbin/lilo 1>&2 || :
# ...

It is possible to have both lilo and grub installed. Choice of appropiate 
bootloader needs to be then done in /etc/sysconfig/rc-boot/config. If
only one *_functions.sh file is installed, there is no need to set it.

If there is no *constructive* critique within 3 days, I will do it.

PS: Sorry Lukasz, but _I need to have it working_, in official ftp://,
    without next few months of pointless discussion.

PS2: Tomek, if you don't like sth in rc-boot, please fix it, and don't
     waste time for emails.


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