Lukas Dobrek dobrek at itp.uni-hannover.de
Mon Oct 15 11:57:48 CEST 2001

On Mon, Oct 15, 2001 at 11:52:48AM +0200, Michal Moskal wrote:
> PS: Sorry Lukasz, but _I need to have it working_, in official ftp://,
>     without next few months of pointless discussion.
I have no problem with it. I just get outrange. So do as you wish.
In my opinion it would be better to hack a litle bit grub-install 
to make it working in chroot, than double job in rc-boot. But I said
I am not going to touch it anymore. I am fed up with pointless discussions:))

	Take Care


Łukasz Dobrek
   An optimist believes that we live in the best of all possible worlds.
   A pessimist is sure that this must be so.
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